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In 1992, Xi’an Changqing Drilling Equipment Factory, the predecessor of Xi’an Kosun, was established in Xi’an China, one of four ancient capitals in the world, which was one of the first private enterprises in the field of China petroleum equipment.

In 1999, Xi’an Changqing Drilling Equipment Factory expanded its production scope, became the first enterprise passing the ISO9001 certification in the solids control industry, gradually turned into a solids control system integrator from a manufacturer of single solids control equipment, and changed its name into Xi’an Kosun Oil Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd.

In 2004, Xi’an Kosun Oil Drilling Equipment Co., Ltd. was formally renamed Xi’an Kosun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and realized multi-industry operation. Its products were applied in oil & gas drilling industry, municipal engineering equipment, horizontal directional drilling engineering equipment, hydropower engineering equipment, mining equipment, etc.

In 2006, Xi’an Kosun participated in the Qiantang River Crossing Project of Hangzhou-Ningbo Gas Pipeline Engineering. The application of Xi’an Kosun mud recovery system in the above project was one of typical cases for Xi’an Kosun applying its products beyond drilling projects. In the same year, Xi’an Kosun won the order of all solids control systems required for 4 sets of module drilling rig building project of PEMEX through the open tendering of China Oilfield Services Limited.

In 2007, Xi’an Kosun acquired the right to operate import and export trade and started to step into the international trade.

In 2008, Xi’an Kosun independently developed and manufactured three sets of 40DB drilling rig low-temperature drilling mud solids control systems on schedule, and exported the systems to Kazakhstan oilfield for use.

At the end of 2009, Xi’an Kosun set up its foreign subsidiary in the Republic of Kazakhstan of Central Asia to expand its overseas oilfield service market.

In 2010, Kosun formed such a strategic layout as three centers and two industries, its enterprise positioning aims to be a leader in China solids control industry and a comprehensive service supplier in oilfield drilling mud, and its main products cover drilling mud solids control systems and a complete range of solid-liquid-gas separation equipment as well as a complete set of oil & gas drilling rig. In the same year, Xi’an Kosun successfully completed the general assembly and debugging of ZJ30 truck-mounted drilling rig for Kazakhstan drilling project, which symbolized a more comprehensive advancement of Kosun in assembly, manufacturing and system integration.

In 2011, Xi’an Kosun undertook an order of eight sets of ZJ30 drilling rig mud solids control systems from GAZPROM.

In 2012, Xi’an Kosun formally stepped into the waste treatment market in the energy services industry.

In June 2012, Xi’an Kosun obtained an order of two sets of 70D solids control systems from Sino-KZ GWDC.

At the beginning of 2013, Kosun signed a contract with Sichuan Honghua Oil & Gas Engineering and Technology Services Co., Ltd. concerning seven sets of 2000HP onshore rig mud solids control systems. The cooperation between Xi’an Kosun and Sichuan Honghua consolidates the position of Kosun as China Solids Control Industry Leader again.